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Brian Maher, Owner of Philly Personal Training

Hi, I’m Brian Maher, I’m a personal trainer in Philadelphia and the owner of Philly Personal Training.  I know that getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task.  Being healthy and physically fit involves exercising, preventing injury, and executing a proper diet plan.  I understand that our clients with fitness or weight loss goals are often balancing hectic work schedules in addition to family and social obligations, so we’ve have created personal training packages to make meeting your goals easier and more convenient.  These packages include more than just personal training; whether it’s designing, implementing, and motivating you through your workouts, meeting with a registered dietitian to help create your meal plan, or helping you stretch and recover, the staff at Philly Personal Training will design a fitness and nutrition plan that’s right for you and your lifestyle.  If you’re in the Center City, Philadelphia area and are looking to lose weight and get in shape, contact us today and find out how you can reach your fitness goals by working with a personal trainer.

What Separates Philly Personal Training from Other Personal Trainers in Philadelphia?

The Most Qualified, Educated Personal Trainers in Philadelphia

Philly Personal Training holds its staff to the highest standards of education and experience. We are the ONLY personal training studio or gym in Philadelphia that requires our personal trainers to have a college degree in an exercise related fieldAny other gym or personal training studio in Philadelphia will only have personal trainers who have a certification, which can be obtained by passing one multiple choice test. 

This means our clients enjoy:

  • Personal trainers with advanced sport and exercise science degrees
  • Custom, optimized personal training programs
  • No “weekend warrior” trainers with basic personal training certifications
  • Personal trainers with a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription, strength and conditioning, and more
  • Trainers with a knowledge base you simply won’t find at a traditional gym or personal training studio

Complete Approach

Personal Training is more than just a great workout that burns a ton of calories. It requires discipline and determination in multiple areas in order to be able to achieve optimal fitness results. While many personal training packages only offer 60 minutes of exercise, Philly Personal Training offers the most comprehensive packages in the industry by including exercise, nutrition, exercise psychology, and rehab & recovery as a part of every package, giving you an overall feeling of improved fitness and wellness.

  1. Exercise
    Exercise needs to be about more than just going through the motions. A great workout accomplishes a goal, not a time limit. During a personal training session with Philly Personal Training, you’ll find that your workout accomplishes more in less time. There are a variety of strength training methods we use during our personal training sessions: basic strength training, high intensity interval training, circuit training, sport specific training, plyometric training, and more! While maximizing a workout and burning the most calories in the least amount of time is our specialty, we at Philly Personal Training realize a personal training session needs to also be about important aspects of fitness like fixing postural issues, correcting imbalances of the body, and helping you return from past injuries.
  2. Nutrition
    Philly Personal Training does more than just check up on our clients’ eating habits, we take it one step further with nutrition planning from a registered dietitian. Every new client meets with our registered dietitian on staff as part of their personal training package. Our on staff registered dietitian designs meal plans based on our clients’ dietary restrictions and goals so they know exactly what is expected of them if they want to achieve success. All meals and snacks are created for that specific client so you get personalized results you won’t see at any other personal training studio in Philadelphia.
  3. Exercise Psychology
    We’re all motivated by something different. Some are motivated to fit into a certain pant size, some are motivated to get rid of their lower back pain, and some are motivated to look good on their wedding day. Regardless of what is motivating you to get into shape, the Philly Personal Training staff is able to use our knowledge of exercise psychology to find what motivates you to to push yourself past what you thought was possible.
  4. Rehab & Recovery
    Many of our personal training clients come to us with previous injuries and are unsure of how to fix them or work around them. We realize that correcting these issues and restoring your body to 100% health is essential to advancing your fitness levels. Our staff uses advanced stretching and rehabilitation exercises to help our clients return to normal and remain healthy. In fact, we have personal trainers on staff who are also physical therapists and athletic trainers.

More Than Just Personal Training

Philly Personal Training doesn’t sell personal training sessions, we sell results. Instead of selling you on a number of personal training sessions, we come up with timetables to achieve the results you want. Our clients achieve desired results time and time again and proof of these amazing fitness results can be seen on the Testimonials page, in addition to our 5 star ratings on our review sites.  In addition to our happy clients giving us rave reviews, Philly Personal Training’s owner, Brian Maher, was named “Best Personal Trainer” by Philadelphia Magazine.

All Personal Training Packages at Philly Personal Training include:

  • An initial fitness assessment to determine your current fitness levels and establish goals
  • Follow up assessments to track progress
  • An initial consultation with our registered dietitian
  • A personalized 7 day meal plan, created specifically for you, with your goals in mind
  • A personalized workout plan for days you don’t meet with your personal trainer

We’ve helped so many personal training clients in the Philadelphia area. We are so confident you’ll get the results you want with Philly Personal Training, we’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our services after 90 days.  With a no-risk offer like that, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to set up a free consultation at our Rittenhouse Square location.

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