Nutrition Counseling

Exercise is only half the battle.  You can ensure success by working with a registered dietitian!  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just eat healthier overall, a registered dietitian can help give you an organized plan of attack in the kitchen.

A Registered Dietitian Will Help You:

- Reach your goals without using fad diets
- Design custom meal plans made just for you
- Understand more about nutrition, causing you to make better decisions about food
- Eat healthier on the go
- Manage or prevent disease caused by diet

As part of our personal training packages at Philly Personal Training, clients meet with our registered dietitian, Theresa Shank, for an initial nutrition consultation and a personalized 7 day meal plan. 

Did you know?

Our nutrition program is also covered under many insurance policies. Some insurance companies will cover sessions with a registered dietitian at no cost to you!

Registered DIetitian - Theresa Shank

Registered DIetitian – Theresa Shank RD LDN

Theresa Shank, RD LDN, is a Philadelphia based registered dietitian specializing in nutrition and health communications. Theresa graduated from West Chester University in 2009 with a bachelor’s of science degree in nutrition and dietetics. Currently, Theresa is working towards obtaining a master’s degree in nutrition from Oklahoma State University.

Theresa provides nutritional counseling to a wide range of individuals with varying needs such as weight loss, disease prevention and management, sports nutrition, women’s health, child/adolescent weight management and food allergies and intolerance.

Theresa has worked as Einstein Healthcare Network’s outpatient registered dietitian for over four years and started providing contract nutrition counseling around the Philadelphia area in 2012, where she has become an advocate for women’s health. Theresa is also a nutrition consultant with NewYou Magazine and contributes to’s “Goal Getter” blog.

If you would like to work with Theresa and you’re not already a client of Philly Personal Training, get started and fill out the contact form below!